Luigi’s Pinoy Comfort Food

Food establishments in BF Homes, Paranaque, have sprouted like mushrooms over the past few years. If you’re from the South of Metro Manila, you’ve probably been a witness to the growth in number of restaurants and food places all around BF. And we really want to try all these to discover excellent dining places to share with you! So to begin our quest to try as much food establishments as we can, we dined at Luigi’s Pinoy Comfort Food, located in Aguirre Avenue, Phase 3 (in front of Puregold Jr.).

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Phillychanga is a winning dish.

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All about Pinoy Local Showbiz Tidbit: Luigi’s is owned by Luigi Muhlach, son of famous Filipino TV/ Movie personalities. Not necessarily following the footsteps of his parents, Luigi is now a chef by profession. He opened his own restaurant in March this year, showcasing his own recipes. As the name implies, the menu consists of Filipino or “Pinoy” food with a twist.

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We went on a weekday afternoon, just in time for merienda.


The place is small.We are guessing the seating capacity of the whole dining area would approximately be 8-12 people. The interiors are simple, clean, and minimalistic, which is a good thing since there is only a limited amount of space. Though the place is small, the food place managed to provide its own restroom.

(foodmarks) Luigi's Pinoy Comfort Food IMG_0304Jotting down some notes

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Located at the busy street of Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes

Customer Service

Because the place is small, there is no need for many servers. When we got there, there was one female server who also worked as cashier. She is a bit shy but friendly, nevertheless. She suggested their best sellers in order to help us decide on what to order.

Meanwhile, it took around 20 minutes for our orders to be served to us. We were a bit disappointed with this considering that we were the only customers that time. Overall, the customer service is okay. We just hope that the waiting time would be shortened, and that if possible, there could be an additional server especially during those times when the place is packed with people.


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We ordered 2 of their bestsellers: the Adobo & Kesong Puti Sandwich and the Phillychangas.

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Adobo & Kesong Puti (P120 for 2 pcs.)

Each order of Adobo & Kesong Puti Sandwich consists of 2 pan de sal sandwiches (Pan de sal, which means salted bread, is very popular in the Philippines). Adobo flakes (Adobo is a very popular Filipino dish involving a marinade of vinegar and garlic)and small slices of kesong puti (soft white cheese) are sandwiched between pan de sal bread. Luigi’s did a little twist by putting their own cream cheese sauce.

The sandwich tasted pretty good though we think it was neither extraordinary nor the best sandwich we’ve ever tasted. Nevertheless, we loved the idea of putting kesong puti in it. The taste of kesong puti is something we miss a lot because it is not everyday that we get the chance to eat this. This type of cheese, we believe, is more popular in the Philippine provinces though it can be purchased in wet markets and delicacy stands in Metro Manila.

Each order is priced at P120. We think it’s a little too pricey for the overall quality of this dish.

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Award winning dish for P150

We were excited about the Phillychangas since we’ve read in the net that this dish has got to be the must-try dish when you dine at Luigi’s. Every comment or review that we read was all about praises for this hybrid of philly cheesesteak and chimichanga (a Mexican deep-fried burrito).  Luigi’s Phillychangas is basically deep-fried philly cheesesteak, made of sirloin beef, caramelized onions, and cheddar cheese.

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The dish was served to us freshly cooked. We immediately took a bite from it and totally forgot that it was hot. Haha! We found it delicious and we loved this more than our other order. The flavors of each of the ingredients went so well together. Eating it was very comforting, although we think it could still be improved of course. We’d love a serving of salsa or something citrusy perhaps on the side just to match the richness of the cheesesteak, to cleanse the palate, and to avoid “umay” (feeling of being sick or fed up).

Also, we hope that Luigi’s would offer dessert in the future to complete the meal. 🙂


Compared to the Adobo and Kesong Puti dish, we believe the price of the Phillychanga is more justifiable. We also hope that their official receipt will be available soon.

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We’d love to try the other interesting items on their menu but of course we won’t be able to finish them all at the same time. There’s always a next time, right? 🙂

Details on Luigi’s Pinoy Comfort Food

Address: Aguirre St., BF Homes, Phase 3, Paranaque City (in front of Puregold Jr. and near PCJ)

Operating Hours:
Mondays – closed
Tuesdays – Thursdays – 3 PM to 10 PM
Fridays – Saturdays – 3PM to 2AM
Sundays – 10AM to 10PM

Contact number: 0927-4524770

Twitter: @LUIGIS_PCF

Have you already tried their other dishes, what do you suggest we order next time? Did we make you crave for these mouthwatering food? 🙂

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Pinoy’s Charm in A Lorcha

Filipinos, or “Pinoys” as we call ourselves, are all over the world. The reasons vary from touring a place, visiting a relative, and probably the most common: being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and Macau is no exception to this.

As a tourist, I was very glad to see “kababayans” or countrymen in a must-try Portuguese food place in Macau, A Lorcha. It made our New Year’s Eve more special because my family and I were really taken care of by the staff. We felt home away from home with the hospitality of the Filipino staff.

Since we had a reservation there and we were getting late, we just took a cab going there. Also, it is located at the other end of Macau. So, it is advisable just to take a cab for convenience.


The place has a very warm vibe, suggesting that families of different ages are very much welcome there. As of what I remembered, everyone was having a good time or maybe it was just me enjoying unlimited bread and butter. Haha!

More bread!!!

Customer Service

Superb! They were friendly not just to us Filipinos but to other foreigners and the locals as well. Honestly, I felt even prouder to be a Filipino when I was there.

Left to Right: Dad, Filipino Server (I forgot the name) and I

Behind me is a very friendly Filipino guard.


According to internet sources, A Lorcha’s bestseller would be their clams in garlic and olive oil. We ordered that together with the other recommendations of our server, Portuguese rice and Portuguese chicken.

Clams in Garlic and Olive Oil: It was so good! It’s no doubt this dish is very famous.

Portuguese Rice: Western and Eastern flavors were infused very well in this dish. I am not a fan of the taste of chorizo, hence it was not my favorite but my mom really liked it.

Portuguese Chicken: I was confused with this because the Portuguese chicken that we ordered in Solmar was like chicken curry. With this one, it is actually peri-peri spiced chicken. It was flavorful, tender, and juicy! Our server said it’s better than Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. 🙂

Dining at A Lorcha last New Year’s Eve 2012 was really memorable for my family and I. The food was good. The service was exceptional. The whole experience was just awesome! I will surely go back in A Lorcha!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Details on A Lorcha

Address: 289 Rua Do Almirante Sergio, Macau

Telephone Number: 28313193 and 28313195

Website: A Lorcha on Facebook

Chinese Name: Thanks for the assistance of the tourism business center in Macau. They gave me the Chinese name for A Lorcha.Below is the scanned handwritten Chinese name of A Lorcha.

Have you been to this food place? What was your experience? Is this post helpful? What can you say about the Filipino servers? Share your thoughts!

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Solmar: Take Two Please?

I was intrigued when I first read Solmar’s African Chicken on the must- try food places list that Ella gave me. African chicken? In Macau? What? I had no clue at all. Sorry.

african chicken

I tasted different spices which were infused very well. The chicken was very big. It’s as big as a turkey leg and thigh. I wonder if it was a GMO?

Because of this, we went to Solmar on our first day in Macau. As I have mentioned in my posts about guides to egg tarts from heaven and food encounters in Ruins of St. Paul, it is quite hard communicating with the locals. In addition to this, I also had a hard time finding the place because it was beside a construction site (with high safety fences and walls). Still, no one can stop me from trying it!

To understand what I’m talking about, I created an illustration. Below is my route going to Solmar. Click to read my thoughts while finding it. Please forgive my work.

Luckily, I got someone to write Solmar’s Chinese name.

Honestly, I can’t remember vividly our whole dining experience there. This might be because my allergy was in full blast when we were there. I was sniffing, rubbing my eyes, sneezing as if it was my last chance to do all these. I was not prepared as much as I should have been prepared. I did not take notes at all. My photos are not that impressive and other things went wrong. What I can remember is that it was such a great fulfillment when I found the place.

What I can remember is that my first impression was that Solmar’s use of dimmed lights, baroque-like paintings, and fixtures and furniture made the ambiance old and classy.

The customer service was not extraordinary. When I asked what the server what their best seller are besides African Chicken, she unenthusiastically suggested other dishes.

It was a good thing that we did not order a lot because the servings were huge. In fact, we were not able to finish all. These are the other dishes we ordered besides African Chicken.

I forgot the name but it’s similar to Yang Chow rice.

Portuguese Chicken: It tasted like chicken curry.

Free bread!!!

I am not really familiar with this type of cuisine but what I ate in Solmar was delicious. My dad, who has chicken as the bottom of the food pyramid instead of grains, liked the African Chicken. I liked it too but we both agreed that we prefer the Portuguese Chicken over the African Chicken.

My Solmar experience was not the best. Still, I would give it a second try to appreciate it more. I hope that my allergies would not kick in next time!

Solmar details:

Address: (Written in the calling card) Avenida da Praia Grande, 512 Macau (My reference) 8 Travessa da Praia Grande

Store Hours: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM

Chinese Name: Please refer to the scanned calling card.

solmar map

Have you been to this food place? What can you say about their African Chicken? Do you know the name of the rice dish that we ordered? Is this post helpful? Any thoughts on my route map to Solmar? 🙂

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Food Encounters Going to Ruins of St. Paul

This is a continuation of “1/2 of Team foodmarks Goes to Macau!” post.

Before going somewhere else, we ate lunch first. When we arrived at the main island, we immediately searched for any restaurant. My mom and I came across this small Chinese restaurant packed with people.

Resourcefulness in times of hunger: Since the servers can’t understand English and we can’t understand Chinese, we took pictures of the appealing food photos on their wall. Then we showed the pictures to them so they will know what we want to order.

Burp! The trip continues….

The historical Ruins of St. Paul is probably the most famous tourist spot in Macau. I wasn’t surprised that the roads leading to the site were flooded with people. To add to this, my family and I went there during a holiday season so imagine how crowded it was! It was as if there was a big sale going on!

Free sample food added to the whole awesome experience. Also, along the streets were souvenir shops and stores of clothing and apparel brands.

Public vehicles are not allowed on the roads going to the ruins. Due to this, we had no choice but to walk. In our case, we walked from Hotel Lisboa to the ruins. It took us around 1.5 hours to get there. Well, without the distractions of shopping and trying free food, it would just probably take us around 15 minutes. Haha!

It is easy to find the site but if further service assistance is needed, there is a tourism center near Instituto para os Assuntos Civicos e Municipais Building in Avenida Almeida Ribeiro.

Sto. Domingo Church: One of the landmarks going to Ruins of St. Paul

Going back to food encounters….

Beating the heat: It was so hot so my mom bought her favorite strawberry ice cream from Haagen Dazs.

Egg tarts! Egg Tarts! And more egg tarts! They taste fine but I still prefer egg tarts from Margaret’s Café e Nata.

Do you know what’s inside this?

Castanas or chestnuts are being cooked inside this “cement mixer”-like equipment. It pops like popcorn. Actually, I got a little bit scared while taking a picture and a video of it.

At first, I was hesitant on trying these because my mom, who is not a fan of these kinds of street food, may not permit me. Still, I can’t resist trying these though! I was so happy I tried it. Also, I was glad that my mom tried and enjoyed it.

Shabu- shabu style: There was an option of a plain soup (I think it was chicken stock.) or satay-based soup. One of my favorites was the ball with melted cheese inside in satay-based soup.

Alas! Ruins of St. Paul!

We were greeted by young dragon dancers practicing. I also took a video of their performance.

Seeing the infrastructures and experiencing the whole journey of walking around made me realize how strong the Portuguese influence is in Macau. I also love that Macau still infuses Chinese culture and the Portuguese culture to create their very own Macanese culture.

Ruins of St. Paul

Address: Rua de Sau Paulo
For more information visit Macau Tourism website.

Have you been to the Ruins of St. Paul? Were you not distracted by shopping and trying the different kinds of food? What were your food encounters? What was your favorite? Tell us! We’d love to know it!

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