Macau’s Margaret Makes Egg Tarts from Heaven- Guiding Your Way

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I suggest you read ‘1/2 of Team foodmarks Goes to Macau!‘ first!

This particular food place is one of the main reasons why I really want to have a food blog like this.

Ella gave me the complete address for this but when I asked the locals for directions, they just shook their heads which is either a sign that maybe they do not understand English/Spanish address OR that they cannot just understand my poor hand writing….

What can you say about my handwriting?

For complete details and directions, please see the bottom part of this post.

Before being hopeless, I had a wonderful idea. I went to the nearest hotel from where I am desperately standing looking for solutions, Lisboa Hotel, pretending I am a guest there and I asked the concierge to give me directions. Apparently, he cannot also understand the address in English or Spanish. He asked help from other staff. After a few minutes, someone figured it out.

I really wanted to hug that person for sheer gratefulness but I did not because I was so tired and the fact that they may think I’m crazy.

Scanned from my daily calendar/ journal notebook: The hotel staff wrote the Chinese version of Margaret’s Cafe e Nata (See lower part)

Are you wondering where my parents are during this experience? They were just following me. I was walking ahead of them by around 5 feet. You know now how excited and interested I am to taste this damn egg tarts!

Also, my hype increased when I read some reviews from the internet saying that Margaret’s is better than Lord Stow’s, which is also a good egg tart place.

Okay, before you realize that I could have just used Google Maps to get there, I actually did. But Google Maps was no help when the location you are finding is hidden in an alley. Ha!

Finally, after some detours, Margaret’s Cafe e Nata! Halleluia! (Gospel song singing in my mind until now.)


My parents and I were welcomed with long line and lack of seats. I can say that the place is really that famous and they have to add more tables and chairs- and benches! It was compact inside. Customers plus the staff (including the owner, Margaret) created so much heat inside. Also, the place was not well ventilated.

Beside this memo is another one stating that taking photos is not permitted inside the shop.

First appearance! I don’t really want to post pictures with my face on it but I need to share my excitement. That’s me super excited like a kid having a new toy. (Left: Hello Dad!)

Customer Service

Pay as you order is the method. Egg tarts are given right after paying. Hot beverages will be made and served. We waited for around five minutes before the drinks arrived. I observed that there’s a slight confusion and chaos from the waitresses serving these.

Since the cashier lady was Filipino, I did not have a hard time inquiring and ordering. The owner, Margaret was beside her. I was really happy seeing her even though she was a little bit bossy for the customers and the staff to hurry up. I guess this was part of the character of the cafe. I had no problem with it. I was just so delighted being there.


We were too excited to try these, I forgot to take a picture of a complete box of 6!

Crust was flaky the way it should be. The custard was not too sweet nor not too bland. I like these egg tarts the best in comparison to the others I’d tasted in Macau.

My parents decided to order hot beverages because majority of diners were drinking these. Apologies for this but I cannot really remember the taste of the Cappuccino drink we ordered or even if I tasted it at all. I was just too focused on the egg tarts and taking photos!

The store also sells breads and other pastries but most of the customers prefer the egg tarts!

Is it worth all the effort finding Margaret’s Cafe? The satisfaction of successfully finding what is desired is priceless!

We went there the second time to buy as “pasalubong” (a gift bought from a trip).

I realized the second time we went that we often pass this place even the first time. I noticed that there was a sign going to the cafe. TIP: Do not miss this. Slow down!

FACT I read in the shop: Did you know that Margaret is the ex-wife of the owner of Lord’s Stow? After their relationship ended, she started her own cafe that specializes in Portuguese egg tart.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Details on Margaret’s Cafe e Nata

Address: (Printed on egg tart box) Rua do Comandate Mata e Oliveira 17-B, Edf. Gum Loi, Macau, (My reference) Rua Alm Costa Cabral R/C, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro

Telephone Number: 28710032

Chinese Name: Please refer to the scanned calling card.

Have you been to this food place? What was your experience? Is this post helpful? Share your thoughts!

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