Seleco Big Bite: Not Your Ordinary Snack

When we got another Try This! suggestion and found out that the owner of WORKS5 Commodities himself, Mr. Adrian, wanted us to try the product, we couldn’t be more excited! Plus, we love Japanese food so when we learned that the product would be a seaweed snack, we immediately replied and told the owner we’d love to try it!

The product was shipped to us by the very kind seller for free! He wanted us to have a sample of this snack which is a product of Bangkok, Thailand. Yes, Bangkok! We first thought that the product is from Japan since it is a seaweed snack. The shipment arrived 2 days after we coordinated with the owner. Though we got the product for free, we did our best in reviewing the product without any bias.

Here it is, Seleco Seaweed Snack!


We like the packaging of the product – it is appealing and clean-looking with not too much text. The packaging is also quite cool since it has a resealable zip lock in order to preserve its freshness and crispness. However, like most of snacks with a similar packaging, it can be somewhat bulky especially if you plan to bring it with you anywhere. Probably the best solution to this would be a variety of packaging sizes from small packets to larger ones.

At the back of the packaging, it says there that if the seaweed becomes soft, you can microwave the snack to make it more crispy. So, we tried putting it in the microwave for 1 minute. Indeed, it became more crispy!


Upon opening the packaging, the aroma instantly spelled N-O-R-I! We were also impressed because when we opened the packaging, there were so many seaweed strips inside. Compared to other snacks wherein the packaging seemingly contains 50% air and 50% snack pieces, this one really contains many seaweed snack strips. Plus, the seaweed strips were not crushed into bits and pieces despite it being shipped. Each Seleco seaweed strip is around 6-8 inches long, 1 ½ inches wide.

Topped with bits of crispy fish, the roasted seaweed pieces offer a delicious blend of saltiness, spiciness, and sweetness. We guessed the saltiness came from the seaweed itself, and the right blend of spiciness and sweetness came from the fish tidbits. Those who love to eat crispy seaweed snack would surely love this snack as much as we did!

A healthier alternative snack

We also love that Seleco seaweed snacks are baked, not fried, so they are healthier than other snack chips! They also have no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and are low in fat. That’s good news!


We think the product is reasonably priced at P75 considering the packaging, taste, and quality. Knowing this is a specialty snack and not just your ordinary potato chips, it would be fair enough to price it at its current level.

We hope to see more of Seleco snacks in the market, perhaps more flavors in different packaging sizes, yes?

Overall rating: 8/10

Details on Seleco Big Bite Roasted Crispy Seaweed Topped with Crispy Fish

Where to buy: WORKS5 Commodities’ Multiply Site

Contact Number: 0922 898 5544

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