1/2 of Team foodmarks Goes to Macau!


This is Natz, one half of team foodmarks. The other half, Ella, is busy with her review study for the upcoming CPA board exams this October. Yay! Hence, we cannot travel often these days.

So I am here to share with you my journey in Macau (and a HK side trip) with my family. We celebrated New Year 2012 in the place called Vegas of Asia.

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With the advent of modern technology, internet is really useful in searching good places to go and to eat. Our trip in Macau is no exception. Since this is the first time my family and I will go to this country, I want to maximize it by going to the best food places.

With the help of my awesome partner in crime, Ella, she researched the food places that must be tried. Click the picture below to see it larger.

Sorry for my poor handwriting….

Combining old and new structures

In Macau, I tried my best to search for the recommendations from the internet. The problem that I had was that locals do not speak that much of English. Another problem is that I do not speak Chinese at all. Uhoh!

It was really a challenge to get to the places that are on the list.

Traveling to different countries is one of the motivations for foodmarks.ph, especially this Macau trip. One of the aims of the site is to help other foodies in exploring other countries easier by marking culinary journeys through quality photos and better information.

Portuguese influence is still evident but apparently, most locals can’t speak it.

Scanned from my daily calendar/ journal notebook: Notes from Macau travel

Click the links below to see more Macau culinary journeys and how to possibly get there faster!

Have you been to Macau? What was your most delicious dining experience?

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