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We all love chocolates, don’t we? And probably one of the most famous and well-loved chocolates of all time is Kit Kat. We grew up eating these chocolate-covered wafer biscuit bars (which can be very addictive sometimes!). There are some international and local chocolate companies which attempted to make chocolate wafers similar to Kit Kat but just didn’t succeed – not even close. So to our surprise, recently, we were able to find a local brand that we believe succeeded in doing so!

Introducing, Goya Take-it!

Take-it (Description on package: Crispy Wafer Fingers in Milk Chocolate)

We’ve already come across this particular product especially in convenience stores and supermarkets several times before yet we somehow hesitated to try it. Until one time, we decided to give it a shot!


When we first saw Take-it, we thought of Kit Kat at once. As seen in the picture, the packaging of Take-it has some similarities with the new packaging of Kit Kat. (The old Kit Kat packaging was the foil covered with parchment paper, which is then covered with the red label.) The use of color red also reminds us of Kit Kat. In our opinion, the packaging of  Take-it is more appealing than the new packaging of Kit Kat. The latter’s packaging is too cluttered. These factors intrigued us to try it.

Neat vs. Cluttered


So close to Kit Kat! When we did a blind taste test and asked one of our good friends, Nina, to participate, we had the Brand A and Brand B thing that you see on TV commercials- well, less the formalities. We just spontaneously said that she should close her eyes and taste the chocolates that we will put in her mouth. (She was quite hesitant about the idea because she thought we are doing one of our awesome pranks.) :p

Without knowing which is which, Nina said the two taste the same but Brand A (Take-it) is a bit sweeter. We agree to that. Yes, it really is a bit sweeter than Kit Kat – if you have already tried other Goya chocolates before, you would find that sweet “Goya taste” in Take-it. In terms of the wafers, Kit Kat has an edge over Goya. Kit Kat wafers are crispier and they have a more distinct taste compared to the wafers in Take-it.

What do the two diamond shapes mean?

We also noticed that the chocolate sticks have a logo in the center like Kit Kat. Instead of putting ‘Take-it’, two overlapping diamond shapes are on it. What does it mean? We do not know. We hope Goya would read this and they could explain it. Hello Goya, call us maybe? 🙂 Or you can just comment below.

Where is the nutrition information? Hidden somewhere there.


We bought it at Makati Supermarket in Alabang Town Center. We bought Take-it for P9.95 and Kit Kat for P11.95. In 7-11 convenience stores, Take-it is priced at P12.00 and Kit Kat is at P14.00. Take-it is cheaper by more or less P2.00.

Take-it is cheaper yet bigger than Kit Kat.

Take-it has a lot of potential to really compete with Kit Kat and other brands but it needs more promotional push. It is widely available but it needs to be known more.

If you are craving for Kit Kat but is short in money, Take-it is a good alternative. It is cheaper and a bit bigger than Kit Kat. We think that the price is worth the quality. We will give it a second, third, and many more tries.

Overall Rating: 9/10

What do you think of Take-it? Like us, does it remind you of Kit Kat? Do you know what the diamonds mean? Share your thoughts with us!

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Johnny Rockets: An American Diner Experience


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Going back….

As soon as we received our first Try This! request, we couldn’t be any happier and more excited to do it! Our reader suggested we try Johnny Rockets, an American diner-inspired restaurant. We have actually heard of it before. In fact, we always pass by one of their branches but didn’t have the chance to dine in there. So thanks to our reader who suggested we try it!

Johnny Rockets is known for its classic American burgers, unlimited fries, and creamy milkshakes. To date, they have five branches in the Philippines. We learned that they will be opening a branch in Harbour Point, Subic. Since we live in the south, we went to their Alabang Town Center (ATC) branch.

Johnny Rockets: Alabang Town Center (Corte de las Palmas side)- Cozy atmosphere

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We went on a Saturday afternoon, just in time for merienda. Upon entrance to the restaurant, there is this instant feel of the 1950s. They have red vinyl couches, a jukebox station, vintage Coca Cola posters, old music playing in the background, and just about everything you can normally see in a typical American diner. So if you are a fan of diners, you better check them out and you might want to bring your camera with you for instant photo shoots!

However, we felt a bit uncomfortable because it was quite hot inside the restaurant (the afternoon heat was of course a factor). The heat even worsened as more and more people came inside the restaurant.

Jukebox set: An American Classic

Inside Johnny Rockets – we were a little bit sweaty.

Customer Service

Home of the Dancing Servers!

The customer service is good. The restaurant staff were friendly and attentive.  To add to that, they even performed a couple of times (an estimated interval of 30 minutes) – they danced to the beat of old American dance songs which added up to the feel of the diner.

The only thing a bit disappointing was that it took quite a long time before the food was served to us, particularly the our burger.


Johnny Rockets offers finger foods (fries, onion rings, chicken tenders, etc), burgers, sandwiches, and many more. As written on the menu, their burgers are made of full 1/3 pound 100% pure imported beef. And yes, we know some kids just won’t be able to finish that much food, which is why kid-friendly items such as grilled cheese, rocket wings, chicken tenders, and mini hamburgers are also offered in the menu!

(Johnny Rockets Menu)

Let’s look into each item we ordered.

Chili Fries topped with cheese and chopped onions (P265)- A generous serving of an average chili fries

The Chili Fries were okay, although we prefer to have a bit more spicy kick to them. They were not that extraordinary. Good thing though, they came with generous servings of ground meat, onions, and cheese. And one could really say that the fries were made of real potatoes. We just felt that the price of the chili fries was too steep for its flavor and quality.

As suggested by our reader, we ordered St. Louis premium hamburger with bacon, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, fresh lettuce, pickle and a St. Louis sauce. The toppings combine perfectly with the meat. The size of the burger was large enough. Actually, our reader also reminded us that if we are going to order this, we should share because the serving is big and… she was right! We almost didn’t finish it!

Johnny Rockets is not lying when they claim that they use 100% pure beef! The seasoning is just right. The only problem we had was that the patty was a little bit dry. We requested our server for our burger to be cooked medium well. We expected it to be moist and with a hint of color pink but it came out to us well done and quite dry.

St. Louis Premium Hamburger (P395 + P50) – Pure beef indeed!

Meanwhile, we were also asked to choose among fries, onion rings, or side salad as a side dish. We chose onion rings (for an additional P50) since we also ordered chili fries. The onion rings were yummy! They were crispy and perfectly fried. They tasted even more delicious when dipped in the smiley faced ketchup. The serving of the onion rings was also just the right amount.

Original Strawberry Milkshake (Regular Serving P215) – Reminds us of our childhood

As soon as we saw the Strawberry Milkshake on the menu, we knew we had to order it. Who doesn’t love milkshakes? Don’t they just bring back fond memories of childhood? Topped with whipped cream, the original strawberry milkshake was served in a medium-sized glass, accompanied by a metal cup which contained about another cup of milkshake. It was YUMMY – classic and simple, thick and rich, just plain heavenly goodness. Each sip was as if you were drinking strawberry ice cream.

Overall Marking: 8/10

We would love to go back to Johnny Rockets! See you there? 🙂

Smiley faced ketchup

What’s your fave in Johnny Rockets? What can you say about this review? Share us your thoughts! 😀

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