The Foodies

Proud Filipinas. From the South of the Metro. Accountancy and Marketing graduates. Partners in crime. Also known as Dora and Boots. 🙂

We are not culinary experts (though we aspire to become one someday!), but we are passionate about food. We love to eat, just like everyone else. And with this blog, we are definitely looking forward to sharing with you our meaningful encounters anything related to food.

Join us in our journey to explore the culinary wonders of the Philippines (or even of other countries) – whether it is gourmet food, homemade creations, street food, or just about anything edible!

-foodmarks | marking culinary journeys


4 thoughts on “The Foodies

  1. Hi! (I also replied to your comment on our blog :>) Wow, thanks for that! 😀 It’s really nice to see some inspiration from other food blogs here in WordPress, and we find your posts very interesting (plus the fact that you guys also started out last July!) 🙂 Awesome. 😀 Uhm no, actually we’re from LPU. We just found so many cool places in Taft (and still searching!) Thanks again! Good luck to your blog too and, yes, happy eating as well! 🙂

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