Marking a Brand/Product

So how are we going to review a brand/product? These are the primary factors which will serve as the basis of our reviews:

1. Packaging

First impressions last – we know that the packaging really does matter as it forms the first impression of a certain brand/product. We will be looking at the size, aesthetics (color, design, labeling), and also the variety of the products. We tend to be attracted to products which stand out among others through their unique and cool packaging. Through its packaging, it’s as if the product talks to us and says ‘Hey! Try me! I am delicious because I look good!’.

2. Taste / Quality

Of course, for a product to be considered good, it has to taste good! Who would want to taste something that isn’t really worth it, right? We will be looking at the flavors, texture, consistency, and authenticity of the food products. At the end of the day, we will be looking for products which will make us say ‘Yum!’ and crave for more!

3. Price

Is the product friendly to our wallets? If it is quite pricey, is the product worth its price? Would it be a wise decision to purchase it the second time? We all know that it pays to be practical especially nowadays!

-foodmarks | marking culinary journeys


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