Making a Mark

Okay, we have to do this thing called the metrics because in every review, evaluation, rating, etc., there should always be a basis for the opinions made.

And wait! Before you scroll down and skim to find out how long this explanation would be and how long the metrics are, please know that the following texts and links that you will read would be a way for you, our dearest reader, to understand how we would do a review on products, brands, restaurants, etc. Reading these texts would also entitle you to a gift certificate worth P10,000! Nah, just kidding! We think that if you understand where we base the things we write, you would better understand our posts.

The criteria we have are based on our experiences and the influences we gained by eating good food through the years, by traveling to different places, by reading magazines and food blogs, and by watching cooking and traveling shows. Please remember that we are not professionals. We are just passionate about food. 🙂 Feel free to suggest or to comment.

Click the following links to know more:


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