Pinoy’s Charm in A Lorcha

Filipinos, or “Pinoys” as we call ourselves, are all over the world. The reasons vary from touring a place, visiting a relative, and probably the most common: being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) and Macau is no exception to this.

As a tourist, I was very glad to see “kababayans” or countrymen in a must-try Portuguese food place in Macau, A Lorcha. It made our New Year’s Eve more special because my family and I were really taken care of by the staff. We felt home away from home with the hospitality of the Filipino staff.

Since we had a reservation there and we were getting late, we just took a cab going there. Also, it is located at the other end of Macau. So, it is advisable just to take a cab for convenience.


The place has a very warm vibe, suggesting that families of different ages are very much welcome there. As of what I remembered, everyone was having a good time or maybe it was just me enjoying unlimited bread and butter. Haha!

More bread!!!

Customer Service

Superb! They were friendly not just to us Filipinos but to other foreigners and the locals as well. Honestly, I felt even prouder to be a Filipino when I was there.

Left to Right: Dad, Filipino Server (I forgot the name) and I

Behind me is a very friendly Filipino guard.


According to internet sources, A Lorcha’s bestseller would be their clams in garlic and olive oil. We ordered that together with the other recommendations of our server, Portuguese rice and Portuguese chicken.

Clams in Garlic and Olive Oil: It was so good! It’s no doubt this dish is very famous.

Portuguese Rice: Western and Eastern flavors were infused very well in this dish. I am not a fan of the taste of chorizo, hence it was not my favorite but my mom really liked it.

Portuguese Chicken: I was confused with this because the Portuguese chicken that we ordered in Solmar was like chicken curry. With this one, it is actually peri-peri spiced chicken. It was flavorful, tender, and juicy! Our server said it’s better than Jollibee’s Chickenjoy. 🙂

Dining at A Lorcha last New Year’s Eve 2012 was really memorable for my family and I. The food was good. The service was exceptional. The whole experience was just awesome! I will surely go back in A Lorcha!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Details on A Lorcha

Address: 289 Rua Do Almirante Sergio, Macau

Telephone Number: 28313193 and 28313195

Website: A Lorcha on Facebook

Chinese Name: Thanks for the assistance of the tourism business center in Macau. They gave me the Chinese name for A Lorcha.Below is the scanned handwritten Chinese name of A Lorcha.

Have you been to this food place? What was your experience? Is this post helpful? What can you say about the Filipino servers? Share your thoughts!

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