Natz’ Top 5 from 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

If you want to know more about my whole experience, read my “First Ultimate Taste Test Experience” first. As I have promised, I would give you my top five picks. My friend, Belle, also made her top 5 post, “Belle’s Top 5 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test“.

These are my top 5 unforgettable food items on UTT.


5. Crunchy Belly from Carlo’s Kitchen

It was deadly delicious. Belle and I agreed that the food sample they gave was “bitin!” (not enough) and made us crave for more.

As of what I know, thinly sliced pork, when deep-fried, is easy to burn. I commend Carlo’s Kitchen for frying it very well, almost perfectly.

Crunchy Belly is great for “pulutan” (finger food paired with alcoholic drinks). It is a new version of chicharon. I will surely recommend this to my friends, who are young and daring enough to experience sinfully delicious treats.

4. Wild Mushroom Pie w/ Gruyere & Truffle Oil and Surprise Tart from Baked by Anita

It sounds so eloquent, doesn’t it? Well, I thought it was. This was one of the reasons why I was so intrigued by this new creation. The name was straight forward. I was really anticipating to try this from the moment I read it in the “Foodie Cheat Sheet“.

Actually, I was not sure if the Wild Mushroom Pie with Gruyere and Truffle Oil and Surprise Tart were two different types of food items or if this food item just has a lengthy name.  The lady giving samples in the booth offered us only one for each person. I wanted to ask her about it but I think she was not in the mood to entertain. Thus, I assumed and considered it as just one.

I have always loved eating any kind of edible mushroom. The truffle oil was a nice touch to the whole thing. It created more depth. The truffle was infused very well that’s why the mushroom flavor was stronger. For me, this kind of food is something not everybody would appreciate. The earthiness is somewhat challenging for some people.

I would love to eat more of this. I just hope that it would not be too pricey considering the use of such ingredients.

3. Cheese Steak from The Cheese Steak Shop

I love beef. I love thinly sliced beef. I love cheese. I love cheese steak.

Though The Cheese Steak Shop offers what I love, I was not eager to try their food item at first. I’ve been seeing their store every time I exit Makati coming from skyway. Honestly, I thought it would be a lame copy cat of the two famous cheese steak stores in Philadelphia, Geno’s and Pat’s or Pat’s and Geno’s (The rivarly is still on-going. I don’t want to be biased because I equally enjoyed the two.)

Since it was part of the UTT experience, I gave it a try. When I tasted the cheese steak, I actually underestimated it. It was really good. It was a quality cheese steak. The seasoning was great and the beef was cooked just right. I liked it that they cooked and prepared it on the spot. I also liked the use of a different kind of cheese (I was not able to ask what kind of cheese.) compared to the one being used in Philly, good ol’ Chiz Wiz.

Though they did not provide whole pickled peppers, which is a fun experience biting it, it was fine because sweet and hot peppers were on top of it. Nonetheless, I still prefer the whole peppers.

After UTT, I now know that it is worth dropping by their store.

2. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream from New Zealand Natural

FINALLY! This was the first word that popped up in my head when I first saw Hokey Pokey flavor in New Zealand Natural’s booth. The reason for this is that few years back, my family and I went to New Zealand. One of the most unforgettable memory in that trip, besides the abundance of green land we saw all over, was the Hokey Pokey ice cream. We loved eating it even if it was freezing cold. It was just so addictive.

When we went back to Manila, I tried finding one but I believe that it was not yet available in the Philippines.

Then, UTT happened. I was really ecstatic tasting this ice cream flavor again. I was informed by the owner that their products are all imported from New Zealand. She also said that they just started selling the ice cream last May.

Why do I love it?

My favorite ice cream flavor is Vanilla. I’m not fond of sweets but butterscotch and honeycomb are favorites of mine.

Vanilla ice cream + Butterscotch + Honeycomb = Hokey Pokey ice cream. GENIUS!

1. Chow Fun Chicken Fry with Vinaigrette from Chow Fun Modern Chinese Bistro

Description on their flyer: Fried chicken + toasted plum and spice + vinaigrette

The chicken fry was pretty damn good!

When Belle and I were nearing Chow Fun’s booth, I could smell the chicken being fried. I know that the cuisine is Chinese but the smell reminded me of Taiwanese chicken. When I tasted it, it was like bringing me back to the streets of Taiwan. There was a distinct taste, which I believe the use of plum contributed to it. The seasoning of the chicken was spot on and it was fried to perfection. The vinaigrette also complemented the chicken very well.

Living in the south, it is an effort to go to food places in the north of the metro but I am really looking forward to going at Chow Fun in San Juan just to taste this thing again and other dishes that are surely worth it.

So there, those are my top 5 picks! And to serve as our drink, we were offered a bottle of beer. The beer that Belle and I had, Premium All Malt, became a favorite of mine because it really complemented the food samples very well. I like it better than San Mig Light because there was less bitter after taste.

What do you think of my top 5? Have you read Belle’s top 5? Do you agree with us?

Do you want to see more of UTT? Then, check out my “First Ultimate Taste Test Experience” and “Belle’s Top 5 from 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test posts.

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  3. We’re glad you enjoyed your first UTT experience! We hope we made it more memorable with our Crunchy Belly! Please visit us at Mercato (Bonifacio Global City) every Fri or Sat night 10pm to 3am. See you soon!

    BTW, the photo contest’s mechanics can be found here —>

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