Belle’s Top 5 from 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test

We forced Belle to choose her top five picks from the event and to write about it. We threatened her to the point where she was so helpless. She had no choice but to follow us.

Just kidding! Here are her awesome top 5 picks!

Wait! Before continuing, to see more photos and to know more about the 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test, read our “First Ultimate Taste Test Experience” post. Also, check out “Natz’ Top 5 from 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test“. Thanks!

And… continue. Enjoy!

5. Green Tea Cheesecake from Moshi Moshi

Their green tea cheesecake was heavenly! The green tea was subtle which is why I enjoyed it. I wish I wasn’t super full when I tasted their cheesecake because I would’ve definitely asked for more samples. There’s really nothing else I can say about it because it was really good and I would definitely buy this next time.

4. Hokey Pokey Ice Cream from New Zealand Natural

I am not familiar with this product but I’m glad my stomach still had enough space for this! My friend, Natz, already tried this in New Zealand and said the Hokey Pokey flavor was really good. I wanted to try other flavors since, she was getting that flavor already, but after I tasted the Hokey Pokey flavor, I didn’t get any other flavor anymore. I really love the honeycomb balls and caramel in it!

3. Cheese Steak from The Cheese Steak Shop

I’ve already tasted their cheese steak sandwich when they went to DLSU during the University Week, so, I was very excited to eat their food again. Their sandwiches taste really good. In my opinion, it is worth buying. I love the cheese steak shop so it was obvious I gave them a high rating.

2. Chow Fun Chicken Fry and Dark Chocolate Buchi from Chow Fun Modern Chinese Bistro

Chow Fun served chicken fry and dark chocolate buchi. I thought that the chicken would just taste like any ordinary chicken bites. Surprisingly, it tasted great! There was so much flavor and I am no expert when it comes to food but I can tell that the spices they used worked so well together.

As for the buchi, I enjoyed it as well because it tasted like Nutella which is my all-time favorite spread. I will DEFINITELY go to San Juan (even if I’m from the South) just to try out other food that Chow Fun offers.

1. Lemongrass Pandan Iced Tea and Purple Leaf (Talbos ng Kamote) Iced Tea from Bayani Brew

From the name, at first, I thought their product was going to be coffee but it was actually iced tea. The girl from the booth made us taste the drink first and asked us to guess what the flavor was. I tasted calamansi and it did have that but the main ingredient totally surprised me, camote tops or talbos ng kamote in Filipino. I didn’t think it was possible to use this vegetable to flavor drinks but it tasted good. The other flavor was lemongrass which tasted good as well.

Aside from the fact that the variations are unique and healthy, their products are also for a good cause – the organization helps out the farmers who plant and harvest the ingredients being used.


Do you want to see more photos from this UTT event? Then, check out our “First Ultimate Taste Test Experience” post. 🙂 You can also check out “Natz’ Top 5 from 2nd Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test“.

What can you say about Belle’s top 5? Have you also read Natz’ top 5? Do you think jokes are really half meant? Tell us what you think!

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